Place of Birth and Residence before the Occultation
Since his birth until the beginning of the Minor Occultation, Imam al-Mahdi (a) lived in his place of birth, Samarra. In this period, he lived and worshipped in the cellar (sardab). According to some reports, he was frequently seen in this place during his father's life. Some researchers believe that he attended the hajj rituals together with his father in the last years of his life, and then he hid in Medina. This view is not consonant with Shiite historical sources.


Place of Residence in the Period of Occultation
According to some hadiths, the place of Imam al-Zaman's (aj) residence during the Occultation is unknown. However, some other hadiths point to places such as Mount Dhi Tuwa, Mount Radwi, and Tayba (Medina) as places in which Imam al-Zaman (a) lives during the Occultation. Since his Four Deputies had contacts with him during the Minor Occultation, it can be said that in at least some parts of the Minor Occultation, the Imam (a) lived in Iraq.

Place of Reappearance, Uprising, Government, and Life (after Reappearance)
There is no precise information about the place of the Reappearance of Imam al-Zaman (a). According to a hadith, he will reappear in Dhi Tuwa area. And then he and 313 of his companions will go to Mecca, he will lean towards the Black Stone, and will shake his flag. According to this hadith as well as some others, Imam al-Zaman (a) will begin his uprising from Masjid al-Haram and his companions will pledge their allegiance to him between the Rukn and Maqam. According to some hadiths, Tihamah is where Imam al-Zaman (a) will begin his uprising. "Tihamah" also refers to Mecca (which is part of it).According to some other hadiths, the center of Imam al-Zaman's (a) government will be Kufa, the center of his judiciary will be the Mosque of Kufa, and the Mosque of Sahla will be the place where he will reside and distribute the Bayt al-Mal.